Minimum Recommended Scale of Fees

Minimum Recommended Scale of Fees for the Professional Assignments done by the Chartered Accountants

The Committee for Members in Practice (CMP) of ICAI as a part of its commitment to strengthen the Practitioners had Revised Minimum Recommended Scale of Fees for the professional assignments done by the members of ICAI. The recommendation is about the fee to be charged as per the work performed for various professional assignments. The fee has been recommended separately for Class A, Class B and Class C cities

The following are the Professional Assignments covered in the Minimum Recommended Scale of Fees :

  1. Advising on Drafting of Deeds/ Agreements.
  2. Income Tax: Filing of Return of Income, Filing of Forms etc. Filling of TDS/ TCS Return, Filing of Form No. 15-H/G, Form No.49-A/49-B, Any other Forms filed, Obtaining Certificate from Income Tax Department, Filing of Appeals, Attending Scrutiny Assessment/ Appeal, Attending for Rectifications/ Refunds/ Appeal effects etc., Income Tax Survey, T.D.S. Survey, Income Tax Search and Seizure, Any other consultancy.
  3. Charitable Trust: Registration under Local Act, Societies Registration Act, Registration under Income Tax Act, Exemption Certificate under section 80G of Income Tax Act, Filing Objection Memo/ other Replies, Filing of Change Report, Filing of Annual Budget, Attending before Charity Commissioner including for Attending Objections, FCRA Registration and Certification.
  4. Company Law and LLP Work: Filing Application for Name Approval, Incorporation of a Private Limited Company/ LLP, Incorporation of a Public Limited Company, Advisory or consultation in drafting MOA, AOA, Company’s/ LLP ROC Work, Preparation of Minutes, Statutory Register & Other Secretarial Work, Certification, Filing Annual Return Etc., Filing Other Forms Like : F-32, 18, 2 etc., Increase in Authorised Capital Filing of F-5, F-23, preparation of Revised Memorandum of Association/ Article of Association/ LLP Agreement, DPIN/ DIN per Application, Company Law Consultancy including Petition drafting, Company Law representation including LLP before RD and NCLT, ROC Representation
  5. Audit and Other Assignments: Tax Audit, Company Audit, Small Pvt. Ltd. Co., Medium Size Pvt. Ltd. Co./ Public Ltd. Co., Large Size Pvt. Ltd. Co./ Public, Review of TDS Compliance, Transfer Pricing Audit
  6. Investigation, Management Services or Special Assignments
  7. Certification Work: Issuing certificates under the Income Tax Act i.e. U/s 80IA/ 80IB/ 10A/ 10B & other Certificates, Other Certificates for LIC/ Passport/ Credit Card etc., Other Attestation, Net worth Certificate for person going abroad
  8. RERA: Audit of Accounts, Appearance before Appellate Tribunal of Regulatory Authority or Adjudicating Authority, Advisory & Consultation, Certification for withdrawal of amount
  9. Consultation & Arbitration
  10. NBFC/ RBI Matters: NBFC Registration with RBI, Other Returns
  11. GST: Registration, Registration with Consultation, Tax Advisory & Consultation i.e. about value, taxability, classification, etc., Challan/ Returns, Adjudication/ Show Cause notice reply, Filing of Appeal/ Appeals Drafting, Furnish details of inward/ outward supply, Misc services i.e. refund, cancellation/ revocation registration, maintain electronic cash ledger etc., Audit of accounts and reconciliation Statement, Any Certification Work.
  12. FEMA matters: Filing Declaration with RBI in relation to transaction by NRIs/ OCBs, Obtaining Prior Permissions from RBI for Transaction with NRIs/ OCBs, Technical collaboration: Advising, obtaining RBI permission, drafting and preparing technical collaboration agreement and incidental matters, Foreign collaboration: Advising, obtaining RBI permission, drafting and preparing technical collaboration agreement and incidental matters (incl. Shareholders Agreement), Advising on Non Resident Taxation Matters including Double Tax Avoidance Agreements including FEMA.
  13. Project Financing: Preparation of CMA data, Services relating to Financial Sector.
  14. Accountancy Services: Book Keeping and the preparation of financial statements, Other Services.
  15. Other Services

The Fees are Recommendatory in nature. The minimum recommended scale of fees can be seen at Click